Shorts and Shortcomings

The Poetry and Prose of Joseph D. Gallenstein.


“Stan’s stories here won’t be about his work, but about what happens around his work. The people he meets, the thoughts he has, and wondering what, after two and a half decades, this world has to offer someone who makes his way through it by prying into people’s personal lives.”
Stan Francisco, An Introduction

“My companions were not discouraged, convinced that I could lead them to the spuds of their dreams. I, however, was not as confident.

Fortunately, their faith was not unfounded. It was not long before we found several more veins! And the examples of the spectacular spuds were varied: we found some smashed on the side of our path, while others were left practically intact.  The tubers on this find were plentiful, and we were grateful for the good fortune.”
The Potato Trail

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Poetry grows like wildflowersNative tongues and thoughtsBringing forth beauty we had forgottenThat once grew bountifully all around us. Stifled by the development around usThe construction of our livesLimits the beauty that once decorated itConcrete and steel blocking out the sun. But stillLight shines throughAnd wildflowers growDetermined to reclaim the space that always was theirs.

The World

Sometimes the world aches
And you can’t help but hurt too.
Sometimes the world burns
And you can feel the fire.


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